We live and breathe (entertainment) technology.

Our services all focus on delivering the best possible technical solution to the customer.


We focus on the development of new products where electronics and software come together to move the functionality to the highest level, and to enhance the user's experience.

We manage, drive and assist in the development phase of your new product. From earliest sketch to the moment the first units roll off the factory line.

Products that we've worked on include LED screens and wearable display devices, image and video processors, projectors, show control systems, automation, ...



With years of experience, managing projects and product development in the entertainment industry, we offer our know-how and skills for small & medium enterprises, to design and develop a project management approach that works for your organisation. Light-weight, flexible and tailored to your organisation.



Based on our years long experience in the A/V and entertainment market, we are well placed to provide independent advise for your next A/V project.

Are you looking for a LED screen, an integrated video screen or do you want to develop one yourself? We'd be happy to help and advise you to make the best possible solution for your situation and expectations.



Next to all the higher level product development work, we also enjoy in-the-trenches software design and coding of the lower level layers (embedded software), as well as the middle-tier and the front-ends. Web applications, server side implementations, mobile apps, ... we've got it all covered.

And because we can do the development work ourselves, we keep up with the technology (r)evolutions which feeds directly back into our technical architecture work. Full circle.


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