Do you ever have the feeling you're running hastily behind the facts? Recognise some of these issues in your operation?

  • requests and orders are coming in from different sources (email, WhatsApp, phone, ...) and are piling up,

  • no idea what the designers, developers, wizards, ... are doing and how much longer it will take, 

  • procurement is a mystery, not sure if all required components have been ordered, 

  • no idea how much the project has costed until now, and how much more it will cost, 

  • installation or deployment is always just in time and often (a bit) too late, ...

And have you ever tried implementing some type of project management to tackle these issues? And that effort silently died off after a few months? ​

Pulsing Brain carries years-long experience and know-how of developing products in the highly-demanding, ever changing and cut-throat deadline driven entertainment industry.

And now, with project:brain, we want to put these skills at work to help you with your organisational and project management woes. 

With common sense we analyse and design a light-weight and flexible project approach, tailored to your organisation.






Tailored to your organisation, we make the project management as light-weight as possible. It should help you, without any fuzz.


The world changes, your life changes, your organisation also changes. The tools and flows should adapt to your way of working. Not the opposite.


The project management should work for you, not you for the project management system. Your organisation is key.


We listen to your needs and design the best possible solution for you and your organisation, keeping the key concepts in tact.


No buzz words, no fancy certificates, no expensive software!

Just common sense and a lightweight, flexible approach tailored to your organisation. 


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